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You have gotten good advice about your coach. He's clueless. He is not a goalie coach - he's a guy running an outskater practice who has no idea how to train or support goalies. Do not look to him for sensible advice or anything useful. Consider him like the guy who runs the ball-shooting machine at the batting cage.

You said you are paying to attend practice. Coach is giving you BS about how it's your night. No, if it was truly your night, he'd be giving you goalie-specific drills, and the rink would be providing you a qualified and experienced goalie coach. frankly, making you pay is ridiculous. Most goalies do not pay to play, and do not pay to attend practice. If he wants a target that exists for the benefit of his shooters, he can get a Shooter Tutor, or let you in for free.

Sadly, this is not a rare situation. Most adult goalies have to coach themselvers, and quite honestly, be a little bit of jerk so you don't get used - and don't get hurt.

As a new goalie, you want to do 3 things:
-learn your angles
-track the puck into your body with every shot
- build your endurance

Go to open skates in your gear. You probably can't take your stick on the ice, but you can wear everything else. Use that time to work on skating, shuffling, t-pushes, etc. There may be no net, but you can still use the crease markings to help you learn your angles and do angle drills. Use this time to work on your angles and endurance. Treat a skater cutting in front of the crease like a cross-ice pass and try to stay on angle. Skate out to the hash marks or face-off dots and skate backwards into the center of the crease. Work on short movements around the crease combining shuffles, t-pushes, c-cuts, etc. Come back to center after every movement.

Talk to every goalie you can. They will tell you which drop-in hockey times are decent. Go to them and practice. It's drop in, so don't expect any defense. Use this time to work on tracking the puck into your body.

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