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07-18-2012, 01:50 PM
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Man, your adult beginner hockey class seems WAY more strict than the one at my rink. That coach sounds like he might be taking things a tad bit too seriously, which can be a good and bad thing.

But there's two ways to look at it:

On the one hand, you're a brand new goalie who is JUST starting out playing with full gear and whatnot and you have a very basic level of understanding when it comes to technique. Keeping that in mind, the pace at which this guy was working you seems a little overboard to me. It's fine that he started you out at that pace to see if you could handle it, but after seeing your body's response to it, I personally think the coach should have made a slight adjustment to better suit your level of play/fitness. I know that in my Adult Beginner class, any player can bow out in the middle of any drill if they want to/have to. They do this at their own discretion, and they deal with the penalties/results of not finishing the drill.

On the other hand, the coach was pushing you hard, and that can be very beneficial a lot of the time, especially with beginners who sometimes don't like to leave their comfort zone (not saying this is you). I see it a lot in my Adult Beginner's class: These new guys who barely know how to skate won't take the necessary risks and do EVERYTHING the coach tells them to do in order to improve, and what happens is, they end up progressing at a much slower rate than someone who pushes himself and puts every ounce of energy/understanding into what the coach is telling him/her. I'm sure if you DID stick it out with this coach and finish the class, you would get a lot out of it and probably improve at a nice rate (assuming that he worked on technique enough).

Just my 2 cents so take it FWIW.

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