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07-18-2012, 02:18 PM
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Great interview.

When Jack Johnson hit Smitty [Ryan Smyth] into the turnbuckle, I looked right at Coach Q like, "Can I go, can I go?!". And he's like, "go where?". And I said, "go after that mother****er". And he said, "no, no, no". I should have just went, but you obviously don't do that or I would have been done right there.
Now if it's warranted, like if somebody goes after your skill player and takes their knee out and their MCL is toast and the stretcher comes out - it might be time to send a message. You might have to leave blood on the ice. At times, I would take two fingers and jam them down people's throats. I would do anything I had to to send a message: You don't **** with my team.
I love this guy. What a psycho.

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