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07-18-2012, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
If it's not, then why hasn't Howson taken supposed best offer?
What does Howson have to gain from standing pat? In regards to Nash, he has two probable outcomes:

--Nash decides that he wants to continue playing for the Blue Jackets, or:

--Nash decides he really, REALLY wants out, and expands his list to facilitate that function.

In both cases, Howson wins. He either gets to keep his franchise forward (though this is the more unlikely of the two), or he gets more teams to work with and thus a better offer.

Now, this doesn't come without risk. What if teams lose their interest in Nash? Well, if that happens, that actually plays into Howson's favor, as it forces Nash to expand his list.

So maybe the answer to your question is, the best current offer isn't good enough?

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