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Originally Posted by STZ View Post
I've been trying really hard to get to more Petes games, but it's sad when you plan around teams that are coming to Peterborough. My buddies and I will make a trip to the memcenter when big names are coming (or Leaf prospects). It's just too bad the team can't be a little more competitive. Really sucks to see guys like Austin Watson and Matt Puempel just refuse to play here.

I'd love to see them aquire Brett Ritchie, but who knows if there's actually any substance to that rumour.

I wish they would concentrate more on making a better OHL product, than bringing in Elton John and Nickelback for concerts. Like almost every year I'll watch some games on CHEX. Doubt I'll actually go to a game unless it's worth going to. Not gonna waste my money on a ****** product. I'm really hoping the return for Puempel ends up better than we got for Watson. I do like a couple of the OA aquisitions, and there is still lots of summer for this team to change it up.

I never knew there was a Petes thread here, I usually just lurk the forums for NHL prospect info. I joined because I thought it'd be pretty cool to talk about the Petes. Very interesting seeing some legit insiders for the Petes. I'm not very knowledgable on the rookies, since I really only follow NHL, AHL, and the Petes. Love the updates and mini-scouting reports on some of our younger guys.

Anyways, this was more of an intro post. I hope to get into the Petes a lot more. Unfortunately it'll probably depend on the on-ice product.
Welcome to the board! I think many people will be suprised with the on-ice product this season... We deserved a better fate then what we got last season.. Its hard on a team to remove your #1 D-Man who plays 35 minutes a night! I expect if all goes well to be fighting for home ice in the playoffs.

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