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Originally Posted by IceAce View Post
Coming up to MTL at the end of the month. Have business in Burlington, VT but we want to drive up to and stay in MTL for a day/night. (seems like it's about a 2 hour drive).

Any recommendations on hotels/attractions/dining for someone who will be there for just one day? Seems like Old Montreal looks pretty interesting.

I know the OP has a list, just looking for some personal recommendations for a 35 year old guy and his girlfriend. Thanks in advance.
I'm gonna sound like a dick but since you're just asking for a general "what to do" honestly the OP covers pretty much all you need to start. They're good recommendations. But yes Old Montreal is nice. If she feels like shopping/walking, Sainte Catherine is fun.

Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
Hey guys.

What's the best hockey bar that's not a la Cage type place? I'm thinking more small, neighborhood, lots of old pictures covering the walls. I don't know how many of you guys have been to Boston, but think the Cask n Flagon or the Baseball Tavern before they got renovated. When they were kind of divey, had cheap beer, and mostly hardcore fans. THAT's the kind of place I'm talking about.

Also, any bars like that description which still have Expos stuff on the walls?
Peel Pub fits what you describe I think.

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