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07-18-2012, 04:48 PM
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Thanks for the replies,

I push myself pretty hard in a lot of what I do. I learned to ski 4 seasons ago, got plenty of bumps and bruises along the way. I usually juggle two or three sports. I'm not horrifically out-of-shape and I want to get back to my pre-injury weight and fitness.

I've been taking my legpads to freeskates since I got them in April and practicing T-pushes, C-cuts, shuffling, hockey stops, etc. Attitude towards skating is the same as skiing. If you aren't falling you aren't learning.

Professionally same way my career is in a good place. I've always been working since I was 15 and supporting myself financially since I was 19 (large family).

I hate that I feel like I'm quitting on the other players. I would stay if I felt that I could reach a compromise and if I didn't have a much better option.

1) I can rent a 5x5 storage locker next to the ice rink
2) It will be specifically for goalies
3) I am going to keep busting my tail, extra chip on the shoulder helps.
4) Earlier time-slot at 7pm
5) The rink is the same one that I was getting ice-time in during free skates on Sundays.
6) I don't have to drive there. I work in Boston, the rink is in Somerville, and I live in Everett. One does not simply drive into Boston.
7) The storage space is also near the other rink that I learned to skate on, which re-opens in Sept. I might run into my former coach there though.

I might have to thank him for making me think harder about making the Stinky Socks league work.

I just heard back from the goalie coach at Stinky Socks gave me a thumbs up and I booked the storage unit. I'll keep future updates back in the Noob #2 thread.

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