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07-18-2012, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Billionaire Bot View Post
Well I should start off by saying I'm by no means a comic book fan. That doesn't stop me from being exposed to other media in which superheroes are portrayed. So in a way, you're right; my knowledge of Superman is limited to that which I've seen. What I've seen, I haven't liked. There's over half a century of Superman related media, which I think you'll have to agree is an incredibly daunting task for someone who doesn't like something to have to go back and research just to either say "Well I still hate this" or "Well I guess this isn't as bad as I thought." If I was to try and go back and read/watch everything Superman's been involved in, ever, there's just as good a chance I'll come away hating it even more as there is that I'll come away loving it.

Just say, for the sake of example, you tell me "I don't like Game of Thrones because _________." Then I say "Well that's actually different/explained/addressed in the books." Those books are each close to or over 1000 pages long, and that's a lot to ask of someone to read to prove them wrong, or to confirm their opinions. But it's still not even close to the amount of Superman related media.

What it boils down to is what I know of Superman, and what Superman I've been exposed to, whether or not it's canon in the comic books or whatever doesn't really matter because that's not the Superman I know, I haven't liked. So like, comic Superman never spun the world backwards, I can accept that. But the Superman I saw sure did.

I think that makes sense.
Yes it does, very good response dude. Sorry if i came off too strong btw. Hopefully this film impresses us all.

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