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07-18-2012, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex Jones View Post
And dater is right. What Parker said was dead wrong and representative of what is wrong in the game
I dunno, Parker is obviously not very well-spoken and I don't know that what he was trying to say came across every time in that interview... seems to me like everyone's focusing on his comment about Moore's attitude, when really what he was saying was that Bertuzzi has been judged too hard over a poor decision he made a decade ago. I'm inclined to believe he could be a perfectly decent person off-ice.

In any case, I think Dater doesn't exactly show his best side by ignoring that aspect of it altogether and just focusing on what a stupid, jealous goon Parker is. It's not exactly great journalism anyways, to sit on your ass, wait for MHH to do a better player-piece than Dater has done all year, and then beat up on the subject by picking apart one thing he says and cast it on him in the worst possible light. Especially since Parker himself is a former Avalanche player.. I mean, in the last bit where he refers to Steve Moore's "teammates". Wtf is that, a little underhanded shot at Sakic, Forsberg, and the rest of the 2003-04 Avs team?

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