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Originally Posted by DRL View Post
you really do get the vibe moore wasnt that well liked. im curious to know more of the situation.

the way the avs kinda forgot he existed.
signing may.
parker sounds like he respected a lot of the players and was also well respected, so its strange to hear him comment on moore like that.
The impression I got was similar to other enforcers. They've all done crazy over the line stuff in their careers, and stick up for one another kinda like goalies all stick up for each other. They kinda feel like they need to band together, and Parker's comments gave me the impression he was lumping Bertuzzi in there. Not because he was a typical enforcer but that he committed an aggressive violent act that crossed the line. They all downplay each others crazy outbursts.

It was in a different setting, but Dater said his impression was that of a quiet humble rookie, that wanted to work hard and earn his time. That was always the impression I got from seeing him on the ice, and in multiple interviews prior to the Bertuzzi incident. I really think Parker's talking out his ass here, unless all the arrogance came out in the room away from cameras. I don't think that was the case, he seemed genuinely like a humble hard working guy.

I think people may give Parker's comments more credence because of the Avs reaction toward Moore after they found out there was going to be a lawsuit. I don't think they liked that it was being handled outside of the NHL family, and closed the door on him thinking if he kept it in the NHL they would help him, but since he's taking it outside he was going to have to rely on that for help. The players moved on to keep it from being a distraction, and probably felt similar to the Avs. There's no way the organization would act that way based on any possible arrogance from a player.

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