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07-18-2012, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Joe Pelletier--- One of the trends I hate most in hockey right now is when a player is attacked for throwing a clean hit. In such a case the said player usually has to fight to defend himself. Should he be punished with game expulsion, too? How do you handle that?

Adam Proteau---That's a good question. I think the instigator rule needs far more teeth than it has at present. If a player truly isn't interested in fighting, he should be skating the other way. But if he gets his hand up to protect himself when he's blindsided, I wouldn't suspend him at all. Certainly some grey area there.

But back to your first point that constant scrumming and fighting is a big drag for me, too. I think there almost needs to be a time clock for the next faceoff, or a harder line on facewashing after clean hits. It's ridiculous.

Adam Proteau wants a "harder line on facewashing after clean hits".

The man is completely against hockey physicality as it has been played for decades and decades.

Rugby has not allowed fighting. Good. Never has been part of the game so it is understood that fighting will be punished as with basketball, baseball, football, tennis and golf.

However, fighting has always been a part of hockey. Pacifists like Proteau and his supporters are trying to undo what does not need to be undone. And his "list" of "Worst UFA Signings" is nothing more than Propaganda to support his pacifist beliefs.

Totally agree. Anyone that wants fighting out of the game doesn't want to watch Hockey.

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