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I'm not from van, but I go 3-4 times a year and these are my favorite places:

Salmon House on the Hill. Anything is good. Expensive place but they have good set meals and good wine.

Joe Forte's. Good Oysters and surprisingly good prime rib.

Anton's Pasta Bar. This place has ginormous pasta dishes for realtively cheap, and it's usually really good.

There is an amazing Greek Lamb place in the gay area/district. Can't for the life of me remember the name. But go to this place, superb greek food. Stepho's on Davies i'm pretty sure.

The Jade Seafood in Richmond. Not worth going to Richmond if it is just for 1 meal though.

This might be weird but I find the big chain type sushi places in Van are the best. They turnover fish and seafood faster so their stock is always fresh. Sushi is the best food Vancouver excels at. Especially salmon.

Granville, go to the harbor area and get smoked salmon, homemade cream cheese, and freshly made bagels, deadly combination.

Where to stay:
The 4 Seasons and Pan Pacific are both gorgeous hotels. Pan Pacific's rooms are a bit smaller and older, but I love where it is on the ocean. 4 Seasons is connected to a mall so it's good for that, and i'd prefer the rooms there, but realistically they are both within the same vicinity.
What's great about these hotels is they are right by the seaboard and the Van Aquarium which is a must go.

What to do:
As a tourist, I love the Aquarium I go everytime, it's not jaw dropping but it makes for an easy day to have tons of fun.

Amsterdam Cafe, canada is great for it's flexibility on green and a good start to any day.

Go to the brand new casino. It's on the way from Richmond to Burnaby if i remember correctly, it's hugenormous.

Go to Granville just for the smell of the beautiful ocean.

Grouse definately if you are more active. Definately recommend starting off at Amsterdam Cafe and spending a day at Grouse or Granville, depending how much energy you have.

go to UBC if you want a nice stroll around vnacouver, beautiful area, and while your down there take a guess how much the houses and apartments cost.

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