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12-02-2003, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
OMG! I feel like I died and went to HockeyFuture heaven!

I could not agree more with your sentiment.

"Let's lose, so we can win!!"

Utter ignorance.

You've articulated and debunked the greatest myth perpetrated on these boards.
Count me in as someone who agrees with that sentiment.

Everyone looks at the powerhouse teams and credits their early losses with their success. It can work sometimes, but it still requires smart drafting, and stronger player development to happen. There's no guarantee, and it also comes at a great cost.

The Nordiques had to relocate because of it. If they were actually winning games during those lean years, they may have been able to put up the money to get an arena to keep the team there.

Ottawa went through bankruptcy. Part of this was due to heavy losses in the early years. If they were even half-decent, they could have increased their revenues enough so that their debt in their later years wouldn't have been crippling.

Even in those situations, those teams didn't just rely on the strong drafting. The Colorado franchise was built on two key transactions:
The Lindros deal
The Patrick Roy deal

The LIndros deal was a once in a lifetime event, and one we won't see anymore. It was contigent on having a star prospect, but you'll never see that type of return in any trade ever again, and if you saw a fair return for LIndros, they wouldn't be the team they are today.

As for Ottawa, their success has to do more with their drafting and player development once they got out of the league basement, than it does with those awful early years.

Don't expect the Penguins to be a powerhousein 5 to 10 years just because they suck now. They need much better management over the next few years if they even want to survive, much less dominate, if they want that to happen.

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