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07-19-2012, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by mhiggins27 View Post
I'm not a Preds fan by any means, but I'd like to know the fans thought on this: Do you think Nashville may actually be better off taking the compensation of four 1st round picks? Considering he signed an offer sheet, Weber may not be as loyal to Nashville as some may think, and four 1st round picks is a lot of value.
I think Philly would be quite good with Weber (obvious since they are already a good team) which takes the value of the picks down. I would assume Nashville to match, and if Weber doesn't want him there then they will have their choice of where to trade him, and more importantly, what to trade him for.

Seems like an odd decision from him, he must have really bought into this need to sign a career long contract and give up all his future flexibility as to where he plays. I figured that Weber being as good as he is would come out ahead not signing one of these contracts, barring injury of course. Look at what Selanie is making this year at 42 years old... a five year 40 mil would have made more sense to me.

Maybe this is the type of contract he wanted all along with Nashville and wasn't getting the offers he wanted, now Poille has no choice - pay up, or lose him.

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