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07-19-2012, 12:42 AM
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as I posted on the main board, IF it were 100% up to Poile... then he will be matching the contract tomorrow morning at the latest.

Me thinks Nashville ownership is not gonna be so eager to give the thumbs up to this once they see the particulars of the contract (more specifically, the more than likely huge amount to be paid to Weber over the next few years). 7.1 cap hit is not the problem, the money owed for the next few years is what will make ownership make a really tough call.

I hope Homer put together this contract more/less by including a proverbial poison pill by making the salary so high that Nashville won't match. I hope it is 12,000,000+ salary wise for the next how ever many years because that number will scare Nashville's ownership to death. This is Nashville we are talking about here. They don't have dump trucks of money like some of us fortunate organizations do.

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