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07-19-2012, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by scout97 View Post
Mcdavid should go #1, barzal and noel will be fighting it out for the second spot. Zack werenski should definitely go top 5 and IMO is the best defencemen in this age group. Also I dont see why everyone seems to think duchense has slipped so far. I think he will go top 15 for sure. Lastly blake speers and Travis konecny may be small but both seem to be the real deal. Speers had a 4.51 ppg average last year and konecny scored 97 points in 30 games or somewhere around there.if they both can grow alot in the next couple of years I could see both going top 15 easily. It will be interesting to see how the mentorship cup goes this weekend and who will be the standouts a minimum...and he's probably going to start speeding from *should* to *will*. still i'm very excited about him/barzal/noel. on top of that it seems like 2014/15 are going to be big GTHL to the NHL drafts.

the toronto-homer in me would love to see McDavid continue to dominate - but at the same time - i'd also love to see barzal and noel make things interesting. for '15 there are other players from the GTHL who i think will end up top 30 (i'm mentioning GTHL just b/c it's what i see disrespect to other leagues re '15).

for the opinions of do you think that McDavid/Barzal/Noel compare to the very top players from previous drafts (from Canada)? IMO...the three of them collectively represent a level of strength collectively at the top that we haven't seen recently. I don't mean in a generic "top 3 from the draft"...i mean in a seems like we're seeing the top 3 canadians at the top in quite some time.

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