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07-19-2012, 03:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
There is so much going on here I don't even know where to begin.

From my understanding, Poile was working on a trade that would have sent Weber to the Flyers and Holmgren got impatient, hence the offer sheet. If this was as cut and dry as, "well, Poile will just match" then Homer wouldn't have done this. I know he's made some head scratching decisions but this is TOO out to lunch. There's more going on here. Either Holmgren is convinced the Predators CANNOT match, in the sense that they simply can't afford this magnitude of contract, or the Predators won't match because they were going to deal him regardless and four 1st round picks is a solid return.

Suter was the domino with Nashville. They knew this was coming. Weber only signing a one year deal was as telling as Parise signing a one year deal a year ago. Suter and Weber clearly were never planning on staying in Nashville for their entire careers. When Suter left for good, Weber was as good as gone. Crazy.

If Philly retains Weber holy **** they just got really, really good. Everyone around here loves to crap on that team but adding Weber is downright scary for everyone. Adding a top three defenseman in the league to an already decent blue line on top of the best offense in the league is INSANE. Everyone should be scared of the Flyers next year if they retain Weber, including us, because we'll likely have to go through them to repeat.
Given his recent track record with contracts and understanding the rules surrounding them, I would wager that Homer and company are actually dumb enough to not account for Nashville matching. Not to mention, by matching the offer sheet, a player cannot be dealt for a whole year. So they essentially just postponed the bidding war for a year, except now they have to compete against more teams because he is a signed commodity rather than a rental. Just blows my mind.


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