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07-19-2012, 02:09 AM
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I think if it were up to Poile he would take the 4 first round picks. Then he would have two 1st round picks to wheel and deal with each of the next 4 years. But it isn't up to him and they will match it and Holmgren made a smart move. He didn't want the Rangers trading up for him by signing Weber to an offer sheet. But here's the deal what would Poile have done if Suter stayed then he would had two huge bonus contracts to pay. He now only has one and this should be a no brainer. But here's another thing. We supposedly had two of the best defenseman in the league and it what did that get us. Two second round appearances that we weren't competitive in either one. Rinne held Van off enough for the Preds to bow out in 6 and Phoenix outplayed us and defensively was the better team and oust the Preds in 5. To me the Suter money is out there to get us some offensive help. Will Poile do it ..I don't think so. He'll grab another project out of the hat. This is what Weber and Suter both know and Suter knew that he wasn't going to win in Nashville and if Weber knows the franchise too then that is why he forced the hand and I think the CBA has a bearing on his decision as well. If we don't then it only reinforce what I'm thinking that the intention all along that Poile doesn't know how to build a Cup Winner. He can only build a competitive team that doesn't play a two way game and slows the game down to stay competitive...I hope I'm wrong....

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