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07-19-2012, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Wasn't erhoff's the same way?

14m, which is close to the max salary in a year. 12m signing bonus. Repeated two times..

Here's what I think would be close to the real terms

1 14m + 12m bonus
2 14m + 12m bonus
3 10m
4 8m
5 8m
6 8m
7 8m
8 8m
9 8m
10 6m
11 6m
12 4m
13 2m
14 2m

130m over 14 years

9.285m a year. Could Nashville match something like that if it's that high?
That's would not be a legal contract. Salary plus bonuses cannot exceed 20% of the cap in any contract year, or ~$14m.

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