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Originally Posted by Hustlechuck24 View Post
No he most certainly wouldn't have simply because he wants to get the most money in the shortest amount of time and with the new CBA there is no guarantee of that... weber had to protect himself against that. Even if nashville signs that doesn't mean he can't try to demand trades down the line.

I would argue Weber did everything in his power (which isn't much as a UFA) to get the best contract possible while making it difficult for his current team to match an offer.
Do you know how offer sheets work? When your a GM and going that road your way overpaying in an effort so the other team doesn't match. There's no point going this route offering a fair contract cause it will be matched.

Weber didn't go to Philly and say I want this much $ Philly came to Weber and offered this much $ a deal Weber and his agent couldn't refuse thus he signed and now we're waiting for the Nashville owners to reply.

As for him asking to be traded down the line anything is possible but it doesn't make sense one bit from Weber's camp with an educated agent to sign an offer sheet when they know very well it could be matched if staying isn't an option. He would have demanded a trade and get his money that way without the option of a contract being matched.

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