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07-19-2012, 03:03 AM
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Originally Posted by tsanuri View Post
I think they match but as has been pointed out in the signing thread I think they will have a hard time doing it next year. If the contract is structured like Parise and Suters then there will be a good size signing bonus in each of the first 3 years.
And because of the rules of singing someone who has signed an offer sheet you can't trade them for 1 year, which would be July 1 2013. He would have to be paid the initial signing bonus right now the second years on July 1 2013. So say it hits the max amount under the cap at 14 mil the first 2 years and is a 12/2. That would be Nashville paying out 26 mil to keep him for 1 year and then trade him allowing the team he goes to only paying 2 mil for that year.
But this is where things really get sticky. How do the signing bonuses exactly work on the cap if the player is traded after it is paid for that year?
So Nashville is stuck with him for 3 years unless they want to eat money even if it doesn't count against the cap. Paying a signing bonus and trading. but it must count against someone. And granted this is only a real problem if he doesn't want to stay. But if he doesn't then it is a big problem involving both money and the locker room.
Would the signing bonus be for sure on the next July 1st? That's a major issue. If it's past that, they can trade Weber before hand and avoid the bonus. Otherwise they just let him go. Holmgren might have done a great job in how he structured the contract, if all the details known are actually right.

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