Thread: Confirmed with Link: Mikhail Grigorenko signs 3-year ELC
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07-19-2012, 04:32 AM
Rob Paxon
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Originally Posted by DrStrangelife View Post
I found the comparison between Girgensons and Grigorenko's press conference quite interesting. Not that its something we weren't aware of, but Its amazing how much more confident Girgensons was in his Press Conference.

When Girgensons spoke about his chances of joining the NHL already the next season, he didn't have any doubt that - him playing and him not playing in the NHL - is only to do with himself. Namely that he will be the one who will determine his own future. If he works hard, improves on all dimensions of his game, he very well will be ready for the NHL and will find himself there too.

Grigorenko on the other hand, seems not to be sure at all. He definitively talks about his chances of joining the NHL but he seems mentally raw. He mentioned that he has to improve and train hard, but he simply didn't have that glimpse of confidence what Girgensons has, namely if Girgensons says that he will work hard and will do his best to get in the NHL, then I'm quite sure he'll actually do his best.

Nonetheless best of luck Grigs.
Confidence is good and all but I find Grigorenko's reflective realism no more or less assuring. At least it indicates that he probably won't be crushed if it doesn't happen, and accurately reflects that he's far from a sure thing to make it this season. It's also easier for Girgensons to say because the guy has a pro body whereas that would be the biggest thing keeping Grigorenko out of the league.

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