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07-19-2012, 06:04 AM
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If my quick scan of the massive amount of information, misinformation, ********, mudslinging, name calling and general hilarity of the threads on the trade board is correct, this was an extremely stupid move on Holmgren's part.

If Shea really wants to leave Nashville, he doesn't touch that offersheet. It's a contract that is apparently 7.1-7.5/year, no NMC/NTC. I really see no way Nashville doesn't match that. The $12million lockout proof bonus for the first year is pricey, but doable.

OTH, if I'm wrong and he really does want out, then the Preds still match, put up with him sulking for a year (in which there may not be any hockey played anyway), and then put him on the trade market. A defenseman with that contract, even if there is a cap rollback is going to get somethig worth more than four 1st round picks that are likely to be in between the 20th and 30th spot. Probably to Philly.

Bascially Paul did all of Nashville's work for them, negotiated a long term contract at a decent price, for a very good player of the type that it's always easy to find a return for, even if he is signed until the universe collapses. Good for them.

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