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07-19-2012, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
Eklund is right on the money here.

Everyone needs to understand that offer sheets mean the player WANTS to stay, but we're having trouble agreeing on a dollar amount.
I would agree with this if this was just a typical offer sheet scenario. But the fact that we were actively trying to trade Weber as it happened changes the dynamic IMO. It doesn't sound like Poile was just "doing his homework" or sounds like he was actively attempting to trade Weber, which he would only do if Weber didn't want to stay. That's the part that really bothers me.

Originally Posted by Drake1588 View Post
If his priority was leaving, he could have signed those one-year deals (each year, and there is nothing Poile could have done to prevent it. A RFA player can always sign his QO).

What he did shows his priority is getting paid, not necessarily calling his shot.

This demonstrates he was determined to get paid now, before a more restricted CBA is in effect, and that he's OK with staying in Nashville for the rest of his career.
Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
I guess I see your point of view, but I don't see it as likely. If Weber wanted out of Nashville there are other, better ways of doing it. He wouldn't have signed the offer sheet if he wasn't OK with staying in Nashville. That is what offer sheets are, by definition.

Always seems like you and a few others always think negatively about every situation It's hard to tell when you are being serious
My question is, if you're Weber and you want a super long-term, front loaded contract (which you have to sign this summer before such contracts become unavailable) and you don't really want to play for Nashville, what would you do? Probably demand a trade (which he may have done considering Poile was shopping him), or sign an offer sheet with a team you like hoping the Preds don't match. And if they do, you can just demand a trade a year from now.

To me all this offer sheet means is that Weber wants to get his big contract now, and if he has to play a year in Nashville to do it then so be it. He wasn't going to leave tens of millions on the table by signing a one-year deal and then being subject to whatever constraints the new CBA puts on contracts (or God forbid they end up extending the UFA age).

The fact that we were going to trade him before this does not make me feel good.

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