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07-19-2012, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Murphy7 View Post
Sorry. Don't remember that. I'm sure it happened. Could have been a cut in the editing process, though.
And, speaking of our new insider ... WHERE'S THE SHEA WEBER INFO???? That stinks for him. His first week on the job and he got scooped by someone in another country (Dreger broke this, right?). He can't be too happy right now with his new bosses. I'd be ticked if I was in his shoes.
I remember it clearly because he said something about Richards walking his dogs as in multiple. He only has 1 dog but he posted pictures of another dog with his dog. He took a few other things that were all in Richards' timeline on twitter and wrote about it like it was part of an interview with him.

The Weber thing happened after midnight so I will cut them some slack there. I guess Weber is in BC for the summer because it was just past 9 out there. Mind you, Dreger broke the story while on holidays so he's still working while vacationing.

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