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07-19-2012, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by RaiderDoug View Post
Actually, yes - I'm one of several million who decides who and what city gets an NHL franchise - I vote with my wallet.

Let Weber go for a bunch of draft picks, and I will probably find other things to do than drive over from Knoxville 8 times a year or so. I'd bet quite a few Preds fans will agree with me. Then see a half empty Bridgestone Arena, then see owners with cold feet, then see the Hamilton Preds.

Also, no one has advocated "constantly" paying at unheard of levels - we're simply saying that if it was time to pony up the dough to any player, this is it. We don't have to do it constantly, but we should be prepared to do it at least once in a while when the circumstances dictate.

Well done 101, it took you like 7 posts to go full-on ***** mode. Tomorrow, we'll try for 8.
You went there in one with the Quebec concept. If this were Name That Tune, you would have won.

We're in an unheard of position financially. Brad Richards was the only $20mil plus signing bonus .... 28mil spread over six years. This summer saw Parise and Suter getting $25mil over three. We're now looking at possibly coughing up even more to keep Weber. This is CBA uncertainty driving bonuses wild ... and for a team that struggles to break even (a rarity in the league during the regular season if you read the press releases), the possibility of $25mil + in a twelve month span is tough to swallow. It's tough for any team. Hell, even the Rangers didn't sign Richards to a deal with that much of a front loaded burden.

If the team can afford the upfront cash, they should match. If it means putting the team into a financially precarious position, the owners could very well say no.

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