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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
I just don't think the interest is there in London, a lot of the city is ethnic minorities and I try to say this without sounding racist but they just generally aren't interested in hockey at all. I think a London club would also struggle to afford imports because of the higher costs of living in London especially housing compared to a northern city like Sheffield.

Plus like you said they never had success in the past, my teammate once told us about when he played for Wightlink Raiders when they were still in the EPL and had a 10 game losing streak at the start of the season, and to cheer up the locker room one of the imports said "It's alright, when I played for the London Racers we didn't win a game until February"
To be fair I think there is an interest in hockey within London, the issue is just making any team in London appealing to those who currently only follow NHL.

I'll be first to admit it, having been born in Detroit and brought up on a diet of Red Wings and Windsor Spitfires it wasn't easy convincing me to start watching hockey over here in the UK, especially not after my first taste of UK hockey which I was distinctly unimpressed with. Eventually though I married a Nottingham-born woman and moved to the city and as, unlike any other 'hockey city' I've been to in the UK, the fact there is hockey played in the city is very evident and hard to avoid I decided to give it another go and am now a season ticket holder. It isn't anywhere near the quality of the NHL but it is better to watch than what I watched years ago when I lived down south, enough to keep me entertained at least.

As much as many Panthers fans like to bemoan Gary Moran (Panthers GM)it was the sheer amount of advertising and coverage that the Panthers have and get in the city that drew me in and this is what any London-based team would need, but I'd hazard a guess that it would not be too easy in a city with so many other entertainment distractions to choose from.

As for success in the past, 'London' teams haven't done particularly well (such as the awful Racers you mentioned) but teams from 'bits' of London have pretty decent track records and the revival of some of these teams would, I believe, be a far better option than trying to create a single team for all. If say Streatham Redskins and Haringey Racers/Wembley Lions were able to be re-born in the EPL/EIHL you'd have an instant local rivalry with North/South of the river connotations.

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