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07-19-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by WeStarve4Success View Post
You know, that isn't fair to say. Why do you think A cap was in place? NOBODY expected the cap to rise the way it has, which is why Bettman is going to reconfigure the entire agreement during this next round of talks.

What Holmgren did was give the PA a ton of ammo to line his own pockets and help HIS team, where HE has the owner who has the money to allow him to continue to make these ridiculous moves.

Not only will the NHL reject this offer-sheet (I'll bet on it), Holmgren will be fined. No way that this precedent is set right before Bettman is about to go to war for the OWNERS.

This is a league where only a handful of teams make money. Not every team, just because they have the space on a ridiculous 60+ million dollar cap, can afford to match this type of offer.

Once again HFBoards acts on delusions and refuses to look at reality in this situation. For ****s sake, 26 million dollar signing bonus? That is a malicious act from one owner to another to impede the negotiation and restrict the ability for that owner to sign his player. That is circumvention of the salary cap because it is a way to get a player in a fashion another team cannot do. You bet your ass Gary Bettman sides with Nashville.
I did. From day one I said they started it WAYYYY too low. It's not so much that it's exceeding any projections, but rather for the first 5 years it just got back to normal. It's still climbing greatly, which is a little surprising but not much considering the economy, prices are extremely high right now for any and all sorts of entertainment, especially sporting events.

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