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07-19-2012, 09:43 AM
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Crazy goalies - how common are they, really?

I was bored last night and watched Slap Shot 2. Silly, predictable, but not so bad that I mind spending 90 minutes watching it.

The goalie - of course, it's a crazy guy. Just like in almost every other hockey movie I've ever seen. It seems to be the accepted stereotype that if you're a goalie, you're a nutcase who is barely holding it together enough to get through life.

The goalies I've known in real life all seem to be completely normal people. No weird quirks, no drug addictions, no strange pre-game rituals. Just people who happen to play that position on the team. Maybe they do have superstitions or rituals, but nothing that stands out so that everyone would notice it and make fun of it.

While I understand that you have to be wired a little differently to stand there and let people shoot pucks at you, where did the idea that you must be a crazy person come from? Or is that just a funny Hollywood-ism that has been kept up for comedic value, without any actual basis in reality?

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