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07-19-2012, 10:06 AM
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I'm going with Diaz/Gomi as well with Shogun/Lil' Nog in second. Out of the ones on this list, Edgar/Maynard II, Henderson/Cerrone I and Shogun/Henderson would round out my top 5. I feel like there's a lot of great fights not on the list (obviously since you can only list 15) but can't think of many right now.

A couple that do come to mind which I'd say were better fights than most on this list are Leben/Sexyama, Huerta/Guida and Frye/Takayama. Another one I loved was Edgar/Griffin. And of course as a huge Axe Murderer fan, I never get sick of watching his wins over Rampage and Sakuraba as well as the beatings he put on various Japanese cans over the years.

EDIT - Something just made me think of Eddie Alvarez and I gotta mention his win over Kawajiri in Dream as being one of my favourite fights. His loss to Chandler was also a great fight. Generally you can't go wrong with watching Alvarez fight, one of the most exciting fighters out there imo.

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