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07-19-2012, 10:26 AM
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The good news is that the Flyers cannot do this to the top RFA every single year...this means some other team IF it had the money ,was willing to overpay,sacrifice 4 first rounders,and either had the cap room or would treet its players like cattle and move them on a whim to make cap room for a "splash" (the flyers signature philosophy) -this means any team idiotic enough to adopt such a greedy and don't love your players because we'll get rid of them to acquire the next RFA or UFA to fit it all under our cap,can do the same --and assure that they willnever win the Cup..

The bad news is that if Nashville matches just on principle it will still have been beggared by an owner "partner" in the league...More likew a war among league owners than a league partnership and this along with the Suter={parise overpay coup of Leoplold --makes the owners CBA "we need more" stance so laughable as to dismissed entirely.

It ups the ante for other rich owmers the ones who can-- to be jealous if they want to protect their egos -or to be sane and just refrain from the noensense --build from within--and win more cups that way..

I do not think Rocky has an ego problem like Snider in PHI ...but there always willbe some other sucker trying to buy a Cup and put the squeeze on the small market teams --classic beggar they neighbour/partner --

Perfect justice would suggest that the Flyers get lucky with a draftee goalie who turns into the real deal saviour for them--THEN because they are stuck with big contracts and cap room problems when that kid turns RFA--some other team sticks it to them for a change and sends them right back in the goaltending woe-hell they would deserve..NO CUPS FOR YOU --YOU CHEESESTEAKS!

14 year contracts--$68 million signing bonuses paid early--this is obscenity and greed gone mad...

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