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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
I really can never get sick of 1994, especially the CF.

The level of quality and skill in that series was just off the charts, for both teams.

I think it's funny how there is less skill in hockey nowadays with zero obstruction than there was in the early 1990s when everybody was hooking, interfering and clipping shift after shift.

I will never get tired of '94. The Conference Finals was the best hockey I have ever seen and I have been a Ranger fan for 40 years. I doubt I will ever see another series like that one in my lifetime. However, the overall "skill" level now is IMO much better than it was in '94. The games are much faster and the players are better. Just like if you watch clips of the "glory days" of hockey from the 70's and 80's those games were astonishingly slow.

That being said, I prefer the hockey of the early 90's.

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