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07-19-2012, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
I think another part of it is the fact that Quincey is a former Wing cast-off.

Holland paid a 1st rounder to get him BACK and is now going to likely cost top-four money while fighting for the #6 job.

That's why people are mad.

And I agree with the "no Quincey trade, sign Colaiacovo" move. That would even allow for both Hudler AND Samuelsson, which puts Sammy in his proper spot depth-wise and gives the Wings real improvement. Maybe Huds/Dats/Bert, Franzen/Z/Sammy, Cleary/Filppula/Eaves, Abs/Helm/Tootoo?
I think I am more mad at losing a first rounder for a borderline second pairing guy.

Signing Samuelsson was just god damn stupid. Plain and simple. Even if he scores 20 goals, it is stupid. Stop the ****, bring up some of the kids that do their time and see what you got. Tatar could easily be a 20/20 guy next year getting hudler's spot on that second line. Why sign Samuelsson for 5-10 more points, 2.5 million more roughly in cap space but we get that right handed shot? Whoooopy.

The drafts are almost getting pointless. We get so excited for it then to turn around never use these kids later on. We either see them spend 5 years in our system to bust (maybe its due to frustration of not being given a shot?) or to see us peddle it away.

I am almost getting sick of the "lets trade our first to gain more picks" mentality. Hello Kenny boy, this is a team that doesnt need the damn quantity anymore, we need THE QUALITY. Move up, not back.

I am just frustrated with the direction our management is taking us. There was ZERO planning for this situation. Look what happens when you ASSUME people will be available to spend our money on...

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