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Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
I contemplating leaving as I thought you were starting taking cheapshots at the player in question. Saying things like he was the worst turnover machine is hogwash and something that can't be countered as official stats wasnt kept until the '03 season. I think my grandson took it abit too far but inherited more than just intrest for hockey from me (temper).

Also Tverdovsky is hardly his pet.
Were those my words?

Also, giveaway stats were kept and published first in the 1998 season… but they have been whitewashed by the NHL. They can still be found in the 2003 Guide and Record book going back 4 seasons. The 1998 ones are only in the 1998-99 THN yearbook.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
It's the Minor League Draft; not the All Time Draft. Opinions vary widely once we get to this level and a perceived bad pick in round 2 can just be stuck on your bottom pairing and used on the powerplay without much harm done

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Scrutiny in the context of a complete team is one thing, at random without any insight into how the team will come together is pointless at best and self-serving at worst.
Can you indulge us, please? If someone picks a player who is clearly inferior to other players being selected now and many others still available, how is it “pointless” to say so? And how is it “self-serving”? What was in it for me to do so? Apparently all I did was start a blood feud, so please explain how that is self-serving.

And why is scrutinizing a player individually without team context not valid? If a player is not good enough, he is not good enough. If it turns out that this inferior player gets used as a #6 and PP specialist, then in the team context he is being used properly, but the question still remains, Why would you pick him so early?

That is why we are all here, to ask questions like that.

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