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[PHI] Shea Weber Signs Offer Sheet - 14 Yrs - $110 Million - $7.857 Cap Hit (Pt IV)

1. What's the compensation? The average value is just 7.857M, doesnt that mean it's only 2 firsts, a 2nd, and a 3rd?
A: No, as per CBA 10.4, the term used in an offersheet calculation is the lower of the term of the contract and five years. 110M/5 = 22M. 22M > 8.4M. Compensation is four first round picks.

2: How long does nashville have to make a decision?
A: Per CBA 10.3 B+C, if nashville does not exercise their right of first refusal within seven days, Shea Weber can sign a contract with the flyers matching the terms of this offersheet.

3: Can nashville match and trade him?
A: Nashville cannot trade him for one calendar year from the time they match the offersheet. If they wait the full seven days, they cannot trade him until July 26th 2013 (CBA 10.3 B)

4: Wait, what if there's an NTC/NMC? Then isnt Nashville stuck with this contract?
A: Nashville only has to match the principal terms of the offersheet, meaning the salary/signing bonuses/structure. (CBA 10.3 B+E)

5. What if nashville trades him right now to another team?
A: Nashville cannot trade him once he has signed the offersheet (CBA 10.3 A)


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