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12-02-2003, 07:01 AM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by HABitude
What? You mean I learned that Koivu was a good leader with Finland team last night at that 110% show?

I knew it, you knew it, everybody here knew it.

You should go read the thread “respect”.

Talking of respect, the 110% show last night was okay, it wasn't Koivu bashing time, they were better than usual. These bozos are 2 ex-NHL coaches, one ex-NHL player and one journalist who covered hockey since 1974. I have enough class for not calling them “bozos”.
I watched too, and I agree they were easy on Saku for once. But.... having class in not calling them bozos....well.... Michou wasn't there so maybe. Then again, Bergy usually sounds like a guy who hasn't watched a game since the 80's. Last night, he was much more balanced. I laughed when he called out Cherry.

As for Tremblay...he is just a "brasseur de m@rde". Although he has been around for a long time, he shoots down his own credibility with some of his own comments. He too, was in polite form.

Bureau....who cares what this guy says. Get him some wardrobe help fast!

The funniest thing is that they called out Cherry for being a racist, saying that if the player was from Kingston, Cherry would not say a word. Then in the same breathe they say that European captains can't be winners because they were not raised "just like us." ----The irony was hilarious.

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