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Inferior etc

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Can you indulge us, please? If someone picks a player who is clearly inferior to other players being selected now and many others still available, how is it “pointless” to say so? And how is it “self-serving”? What was in it for me to do so? Apparently all I did was start a blood feud, so please explain how that is self-serving.

And why is scrutinizing a player individually without team context not valid? If a player is not good enough, he is not good enough. If it turns out that this inferior player gets used as a #6 and PP specialist, then in the team context he is being used properly, but the question still remains, Why would you pick him so early?
Inferior. All the players in this draft were deemed inferior by the selection process of the ATD that preceded it.Players have to be chosen within the era guidelines. So you may have a player from an era who while inferior to players in other eras he is vastly superior to what is left from his era. If there are twenty or more roughly equal players from a different era then it may make sense to draft the inferior player.

Pointless. In the context above, saying so once the complete team is chosen will shed light on the choice. Part of the draft is figuring out how the others are thinking as opposed to some kibitzer interjecting opinions.

Self-serving. See two points above. You are fishing for an explanation for something that you have not figured out. This will definitely help you.

Individually / Team. History of hockey is full of players whose value was team related and coach related. Mismatch the player, team and coach, a disaster ensues. Match the player team and coach and you see performance beyond expectations. Since we are looking at the inferior level to start, the appreciation will be valid after the draft.

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