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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
You're judging the 2008 prospects based on what actually happened, while judging the 2012 prospects with the typical leaf fan bias.

So when you judge 2008 without bias, but 2012 WITH bias... yes, of course things currently look much better.

But leafs fans in 2008 were probably saying things like Stalberg, Mitchell, Stefanovich, Hayes, Earl, etc were "VERY likely future top 6 forwards."

Of course, that looks completely ridiculous now... but never underestimate leaf fan bias when it comes to their prospects.

Four years from now, people will look at some of your current "probable top 6 forwards" list, and it will be seen as so ridiculous that it will probably go viral, internationally.
So now on HFboards, real players are better than prospects, and "projected value" is not importan???? It is ridiculous to make it sound like leaf fans do this all the time, and others dont. I remember when LA fans were going to rue the day they traded MA cliche. Atlanta fans had bourret and Valabik..... its the way of these boards, and from what I remember, most of your posts.

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