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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Inferior. All the players in this draft were deemed inferior by the selection process of the ATD that preceded it.Players have to be chosen within the era guidelines. So you may have a player from an era who while inferior to players in other eras he is vastly superior to what is left from his era. If there are twenty or more roughly equal players from a different era then it may make sense to draft the inferior player.
How does that apply to Tverdovsky? Players from his era are not rare.

Pointless. In the context above, saying so once the complete team is chosen will shed light on the choice. Part of the draft is figuring out how the others are thinking as opposed to some kibitzer interjecting opinions.
The only way it's a "good" choice in a team concept is if he's a #6 PP specialist. And if he is being used that way, there's no need to draft him so early. Whether I say that now, or later, is irrelevant.

Self-serving. See two points above. You are fishing for an explanation for something that you have not figured out. This will definitely help you.
Fishing for an explanation and wondering what the hell you're talking about are usually two different things.

Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Fair enough. I don't think we're too far apart on what we know McCabe to be. Your point about the MLD being its own little league is well taken. I guess I should see how the draft plays out and consider the relativity regardless...
That's what I always say!

Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
Yes, those were the implications you gave and to me a cheapshot. Its a clear case of suppressed evidence and half-truths.
So? I heard the name Turnoverdovsky before. That's pretty damning evidence that he had a reputation for giveaways. It's pretty weak that my agreement with a statement somebody else made, constitutes a cheap shot worthy of calling me out.

Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
So too soon for him? I think I can make a good case for him. He's always among the top scorers on his own team (always played for a very defensive coach more or less), elite defensively, a Selke winner (and 3-time top-5 finisher, IIRC). There were a couple of others I considered, but they were turn of the century players and I didn't feel I could find enough on them to make a strong enough case. Also really wanted a two-way center to lead the charge. I guess I'll find out the hard way whether it was good or not based on the next two rounds...

EDIT: He can't hang with the likes of Rick Meagher and Steve Kasper?
Defensively, he can definitely hang with those guys. So as a bottom of the lineup kind of guy he is fine.

I would not want him as a top-2 line center myself. Just not enough offensive peak there, when you look at the other names out there. I think that's what the other guys are saying. If you change your mind on where to use him, there are still plenty of centers out there with great offensive records. Was it too early? The early reviews indicate maybe it was, but if you got a guy who was on the top of other guys' lists for 3rd lines, then it's arguable you paid a premium to get an elite 3rd liner... which all of us have done at some point.

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