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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Definitely considered Buller...but already had an offensive-minded guy in Campbell and would rather wait to find a place where a positional, physical, defensive-minded d-man could fit in...good pick by my (fledgling) estimation...
I actually had Regehr planned for that pick, but completely missed that he had already been taken late in the ATD. Ley would have been ideal, but same situation, went in the ATD but then again I was planning on taking him in the ATD myself. That said I shouldn't have a very hard time building two solid defensive units around Kaberle and Buller. Just have to find the right two.

EDIT: He can't hang with the likes of Rick Meagher and Steve Kasper?
I think those two (especially Kasper) are just simply better pure defensive centers. Bergeron is a very good two-way guy and is getting to the point where I wouldn't be at all shocked if he gets taken late in the ATD with another nice season like he just had, or another top 5 Selke finish (going to happen).

FWIW, my Kesler selection back in 2010 was ripped a bit in a similar situation, and from 2011 out I'd say he's going to be an ATD standard unless the draft is really rolled back in number of teams participating.

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