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07-19-2012, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
I'm really excited to see how McDavid starts to develop - especially wrt to his decision to get exceptional status. On the one hand, he's done himself favours by hitting the OHL a year early, but he has the headache of being with Erie. We'll see how the Otters do...with that said, if they continue to suck, i would not be surprised if he demands a trade during the summer prior to his draft year.

Having watched McDavid a lot - he's unreal...but i'm also really excited to see how Barzal and Noel develop as well.

Does anyone know whether Barzal will actually play for the Thunderbirds? Politics are what they are...but does anyone have a sense whether he's seriously going to play for the team?

It will be interesting to see what Noel does re: Q draft...from my cursory sense, he'll probably end up being #1, no? If he's already at Shattuck, is he going to end up being like Nate and just waiting to end up on a desired team? I can't imagine him just showing up for whoever drafts him - but those in the know shouldn't hesitate to correct me!

3 years prior, McDavid seems like the early #1...but who's easy to be confident in assessments of 14/15 yr olds. I always figured Noel as right after MacKinnon...but after seeing a bit more of Barzal I don't know anymore...Barzal has this relentless tenacity that you just can't stop watching. and who knows how they all develop - there are never any assurances. of course there are going to be the US/Euro players who, rightly or wrongly (probably wrongly) don't get the immediate hype that Canadian players do.

in nothing else, this is going to be a very exciting draft year to watch develop!
Barzal will play in the WHL at some point I am not sure with Seattle as that team seems to be going through what Portland went through years one wanted to go there etc...Need to dump Russ Farwell the GM and move in the same direction that Portland went. No reason for Seattle to be as poor as they have been.

Ryan Gropp the Thunderbirds 1st round pick from 2011 draft did not sign with Seattle and is now going to end up going to Colorado College although there is a history there with is Dad and Uncles going there

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