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07-19-2012, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Why Reay? I know VI said he was a defensive player in the past but when it came time to draft a 4th line center in ATD2010 it was between him and Cal Gardner. the latter had tons of info supporting his physical/defensive play. Reay had next to nothing. What are you basing your assessment on? I actually assumed he was being drafted to be a top-2 center because his offense is pretty decent.
You know everything I'm reading now is more "two-way" than necessarily elite defensively (at this level) like Bergeron.

"A crafty playmaker who played a tougher game than his small stature led opponents to believe, Reay was comfortable in traffic, with a precise passing ability that saw him rack up assists during his time with the Canadiens. " Not a glowing depiction of an elite defensive player so I was off-base.

Honestly my thoughts were you could do a bit better offensively speaking and with the defensive contributions it could allow him to slum it as an elite #3C but he'd certainly be fine as a #2. This is sorta how I ranked Datsyuk in the ATD even though he's clearly better than a #3.

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