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Originally Posted by florida View Post
Ive only been a hockey fan for about a year so im not sure about the draft. Is it like the NBA where outside the top 10, maybe 15, picks arent expcted to pan out or like the NFL where all first rounders are expected to be key players. I always thoought it was somewhere in between. how valuable are those 4 picks?
You can think of it being closer to the NBA, where the top guys are generally expected to work out and after that it's not quite as certain (go look at the 2003 NHL Entry Draft if you want to see an NFL style one, that was mind boggling).

4 1st round picks are always "valuable", however, the value of Shea Weber greatly outweighs the value of Philadelphia's next 4 1sts. Philly hasn't finished near the bottom of the standings very much in the last 10 years, let alone recently. Adding Weber is only going to increase the chance that those 1sts are late ones, thus decreasing their value.

The bigger issue here is that Weber is one of, if not now, the best defenseman in the NHL and his value to Nashville with the loss of Suter especially is incredibly high. In general, they really can't afford to lose him for anything less than a ransom, and that would mean players that are clearly good now. 4 1sts sounds good in practice, but there's a pretty good chance they lose that swap in the end.

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