Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Detroit Re-Signs Kyle Quincey [2 Years/$3.775 AAV]
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07-19-2012, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by The Red Line View Post
False. His offensive numbers weren't as good, but he still did everything else mentioned in the above post.

Hudler, on the other hand, was bad before last season. Horrible at times, in fact.

Hudler isn't even close to where Filppula is.
It's funny. People read these "blogs" or "end of season reports" written by guys no more qualified than you and I. In fact, I think Im more prepared to do a complete report on NHL teams before some of these fools. It's quite obvious the guys that wrote this have never really watched Filppula or the whole Detroit team for that matter. At least anymore than in passing. How else do you explain speaking of Hudler anywhere near Filppula in terms of worth, talent, etc.

Then you have people read this stuff and literally trust what they're being told. That's ok though. They then become entertainment for us folks on sites like these.

Anyone who would compare Hudler close to or even in the same ballpark as Filppula simply has not watched either player more than in passing. Might have caught a shoot out or two from Hudler. How else could anyone justify the comparison? It's seriously like saying Crosby isnt much better than Dustin Penner..

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