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07-19-2012, 05:53 PM
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guys, i was at the gamestop on the blvd in the far NE. by chickie and petes on the blvd by the shoprite.

for some reason that particular store the desk is all the way in the back.

so i noticed the clerk had the 4 posters of it up behind the register area.

so I was like whoah, your the first store that i seen has this up. he said the philly stores are promoting it a bit early since a flyer is on this years cover.

gamestop is hoping this market will sell alot more copies.

also this year's game is looking really good.

oh the guy at the store said pre orders or reservations of the game you can put down 5 to reserve it and then pay the rest when it comes in.

i did the full 60, but i didn't want to make it seem that if any of you planned on getting it, that you had to put 60 down.

so if any of you are planning to get it 5 bucks is all you need for now.

for those who haven't seen the specs or plans for NHL 13.

here is a link below

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