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12-02-2003, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Van
And it is not just the equipment either. Goaltenders have simply gotten better over the last 20 years. Patrick Roy created a revolution of goaltenders with his butterfly style. No longer do we see the easy goals go in that we did in the 80's because there are simply no stand-up goaltenders left to let in those easy goals. tapes from 15-20 years ago...a lot of the goals let in during those days would have fans wanting their goaltenders murdered in today's game.
I think the standup style went away less because of Roy, and more because of improvements in masks. Standing up used to be a matter of self-preservation, but modern masks have removed the fear factor of going down to take away the bottom half of the net.

It's no surprise, though, that Roy liked to wear big equipment, too. It's one of Francois Allaire's tenets.

Oh, by the way, I hear lots of people complaining about Giguere's chest protector.... It is just thicker than what a lot of goaltenders use. It isn't wider, so it isn't covering more of the net. So why complain about it?
Admittedly, his shoulder pads do ride a little high. OTOH, how many times do you see a shot just nick his shoulders? Rarely. Top corner is the toughest shot to make. Besides which, his chest protector, like his leg pads, are smaller than the maximum allowed. One other thing to note, Giguere has that hunched-over stance like Esposito, so a lot of the time those shoulder pads are actually directly facing the shooter, as opposed to riding up vertically.

Seems to me there should be a lot more complaints about the ridiculously oversized catching gloves around the league. Those cover as much or more extra space than Giguere's shoulder pads, and they're MOBILE so they can be used to cover areas that are shot at far more frequently than the top corners. Some have gotten so big that the goalie barely has to move his arm to cover the entire range of the glove side. And there's a heck of a lot more goals stopped by big catching gloves than there are stopped by an inch or two of high shoulder pads. I daresay at least 5-10 times more.

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