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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Holmgren is an idiot.

14 million for the 1st 4 years? That is extravagant. The problem with these types of contracts is hat they engender more of them. Then you start to get players who, after they get their money for the 1st 4 years, they see more money being given to other players and decide their remaining years are not paying them enough, so they hold out for new contracts or demand to be traded. This is the crap we are seeing in the NFL and it will hit the NHL soon. These idiot front loaded contracts where players get severely bloated amounts hurts the entire league and drives up player salaries to brutal degrees. What happens next? Bettman and the Player's Union fight about costs and this becomes a focal point that can lead to another lost year of hockey.

I hate these types of deals, and hope that Bettman finds a way to get a provision in the upcoming CBA that does not allow for such stupid contracts. Keep in mind, I say this as a Habs fan whose team has the money to do this type of stupidity but has chosen not to, so far.
The NHL doesn't allow contracts to be restructured. The only way a player can do this is to get a new contract with a new league (re: KHL).

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