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07-19-2012, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by HalifaxDucks View Post
Don't mean to hijack this thread, but this post makes me facepalm and throw my hands up in confusion for days.

Anyways, do you live in all Q teams dressing rooms? Cause you've said these things about other players too. Or maybe you're Jonathan Drouin, and you hate MacKinnon? Seriously, what egos and lead dogs are there?! Drouin and Nate tore **** up and didn't look like they hated each other then... What's your problem with Brent Andrews and Trey Lewis, no faith in our captains?!

Oh boy.
Whoa calm down. Hockey Buff is a very good poster with no bias twords these players... Regarding LSL hockey he is the most informed poster on these boards toy knowledge...

I think he's talking about Ciampini... Who IMO is cocky... Not a bad guy but plays cocky, and Drouin loves to shine... It will be Intresting to see how he handles not being the star. Because no matter what he does. He's going to be overshadowed by Nate... A far cry from LSL AAA where he was the team... I think he was challenged last year, but this year he should dominate.

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