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Originally Posted by letsgodonearle View Post
This contract has a NMC starting in year two. Is anyone sure either way if Nashville would have to match that Clause to keep Weber. Seems to be conflicting reports. If they do they are stuck a bit. Even after year one Weber would have to agree to waive NMC which would further limit the field. It would have to be a franchise that he wanted to go to and had the finances to do it. Seems to me his agents thought this out. He gets the deal he wants and he is either in Nashville for as long as he wants or Philadelphia as long as he wants. If weber was upset enough that he never agreed to waive NMC while in Nashville they would be on the hook for not just the first 27 but more likely the first 80. If they have to match the NMC clause that is the real posion pill because the organization becomes a hostage to Weber's wishes and where if anywhere he would agree to go. Makes the match and trade somewhere else for larger return almost moot. Holmgren may have really played this perfectly if NMC must be part of the match. Its as big as the money outlay from Nashville perspective.
From ESPN; however, there is a differing interpretation on a Predators' blog shown in another post:

Regardless of how it turns out, Holmgren's offer sheet ensures that Weber either become a Flyer or be off the market and unavailable to a rival like the New York Rangers by remaining in Nashville.

Under the terms of the CBA, the Predators cannot trade Weber for a calendar year after matching the offer sheet, and a year from now, when Weber would have become an unrestricted free agent, a no-move, no-trade clause kicks in.

If Weber remains in Nashville, the Flyers will look to add an impact player on the blue line and up front, and Holmgren may be forced to look more closely at making a deal to add either Columbus captain Rick Nash or Anaheim winger Bobby Ryan, although those moves are less attractive than merely spending money because it would cost the Flyers young assets.

The offer sheet also indicates the Flyers have absolutely no expectation that captain Chris Pronger will return to the game. Pronger missed the last half of last season and the playoffs with concussion issues. Pronger has five years remaining on a contract that will cost the Flyers slightly more than $4.9 million annually against the salary cap.

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