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This is from a Predators' blog:

Does the Offer Sheet contain a No Trade Clause?
ESPN's Scott Burnside floated this notion...

Under the terms of the CBA, the Predators cannot trade Weber for a calendar year after matching the offer sheet, and a year from now, when Weber would have become an unrestricted free agent, a no-move, no-trade clause kicks in.

While the bit about the first calendar year is true, the no-move, no-trade part flies in the face of the rules regarding Offer Sheets & RFA's.

Quoth the CBA, Chapter 10 Verse 3 (emphasis mine):

(b) If the Prior Club gives the Restricted Free Agent and his Certified Agent, if any, notice, in accordance with Exhibit 3 hereto, that it is exercising its Right of First Refusal (a "First Refusal Exercise Notice"), such notice to be substantially in the form of Exhibit 7 attached hereto, to the Player's and his Certified Agent's, if any, address or facsimile number listed on the Offer Sheet, if any, within the seven (7) day period, such Restricted Free Agent and the Prior Club shall be deemed to have entered into a binding agreement, which they shall promptly formalize in an SPC, containing: (i) all the Principal Terms (subject to subsection (e) below); and (ii) such additional terms as may be agreed upon between the Restricted Free Agent and the Prior Club. The Prior Club may not Trade that Restricted Free Agent for a period of one year from the date it exercises its Right of First Refusal.


(e) For the purposes of this Article, the Principal Terms of an Offer Sheet are limited to the term, Paragraph 1 Salary and Signing Bonus and Reporting Bonus the New Club offers to the Restricted Free Agent (currently and/or as Deferred Compensation in specified installments on specified dates) in consideration for his services as a hockey Player under the SPC.

So, the Principal Terms in the Offer Sheet are about the years and the money. The Predators, if they wish to match, must register a contract matching those Principal Terms, along with anything else they wish to negotiate with Weber themselves (the Predators are the "Prior Club" noted in this case). The Flyers could include a NTC in their offer sheet, but the Preds apparently don't have to match that.

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